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Egma Lenses - Pair

Egma Lenses - Pair

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EGMA Lenses, offer a unique range of ophthalmic lenses that are produced using the latest German technology and machinery. With a unique combination of lens production, lens coatings and treatments, Low density and thus very light, Softer and less liable to scratch.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating:

AR coatings reduce reflections and glare on the lens surface, improving visibility, especially when using digital displays and AR information overlays.

They enhance clarity, reduce eye strain, and make the lens appear more transparent in photos.

Blue Light Filter Coating:

Blue light filter coatings reduce the exposure to harmful blue light emitted by digital screens, reducing eye fatigue and potential damage to the eyes.

These coatings are beneficial for prolonged use of AR devices and screens.

Scratch-Resistant Coating:

Scratch-resistant coatings add a protective layer to the lens surface, making them more resistant to scratches and abrasions.

This is particularly important for lenses in AR glasses, as they may be exposed to various environments.

UV Protection Coating:

UV protection coatings block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, helping to safeguard your eyes from UV-related eye conditions.

This is especially useful for outdoor use of prescription EGMA lenses.

Water-Repellent Coating:

Water-repellent coatings create a hydrophobic surface that repels water, making the lenses easier to clean and maintain.

They can help prevent water droplets or smudges from interfering with your vision.

Anti-Fog Coating:

Anti-fog coatings minimize condensation on the lens, ensuring clear vision even in changing temperatures or humid conditions.

This is crucial for maintaining visibility in environments where fogging may occur.

Dust-Repellent Coating:

Dust-repellent coatings reduce the accumulation of dust and debris on the lens surface, keeping your vision clearer and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

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